Ahad, 13 September 2009

Code : GM005
Brand : VTech
Brand New in Box (tapi dah bukak coz nak check ok ke tak since item ni baru terima dari kawan yg stay kt UK)
Set :
1. VTech Console
2. Smartridge / Catridge
3. V.Link / thumbdrive - bleh download game dr komputer
4. AV Cable - bleh play kat TV jugak :)
5. Wrist Strap
6. 4 AA battaries
This unique handheld video game device was created especially for your kids. with the VTech Cyber Pocket, ur kids can play exciting,educational games on the go, or plug the VTech directly into a TV for a great at-home play. They can also use the included V.Link to upload their scores to a secure web site and unlock additional fun bonus games online.
It is suitable for ur kids age 5 yrs n above. The VTech Cyber Pocket is selling for RM699 in major toy stores! Grab urself a bargain now.
BondabZZies price : RM450 (incl. postage)
** Accept instalment